Area schools get date to resume athletic workouts

Governor Ron DeSantis lifted state restrictions on youth activities, such as summer camps and sports. (MGN)
Governor Ron DeSantis lifted state restrictions on youth activities, such as summer camps and sports. (MGN)(WJHG)
Published: May. 26, 2020 at 10:12 PM CDT
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Tuesday brought us some very good news on the high school sports front! Most immediately for Bay and Gulf County schools.

The District offices for both Tuesday announcing schools can resume athletic workouts starting this coming Monday, while following stringent social distancing and sanitizing regimens .

Bay's new Director of Operational Support Services Josh Balkom set to give us an overview of the temporary guidelines Wednesday at 2.

"I mean best case scenario is full go, get these kids back out again." Bozeman head baseball coach and A.D. Jeff Patton told me Tuesday afternoon. "But obviously that's not a decision for me to make. I know that the people at the district level will make the best decision in the interest and safety of the kids and coaches and everybody else."

The important thing for now says coach Patton, looking forward to being back on the field and knowing that date is set in one way or another.

"I think the hope with Governor DeSantis easing into some phases, we may be ahead in Florida then some other states. I think it's that hope, once you get some hope going, you can really get ramped up. I know I am thinking a lot more about baseball than maybe I was. For me personally I had to kind of put it away this spring because there was nothing we could do about it. And that's just the kind of the person I am. But now that we have a little bit of hope that we might be able to do some things, even if it's just working out, running. Whatever they say we can do we're gonna do. If they say we can't do, we're going to follow the rules."

As for the football side of things, well area teams missed out on spring practice, so anything coaches can do with their players in the coming days and weeks will be welcome.

"There's not going to be a locker room so they need to come ready to practice or work out." Arnold head football coach Norris Vaughan told me Tuesday night. Whatever it is. Bring your own water bottles we won't be sharing them. Write your names on them. I suggest getting a big gallon milk jug or something like that and putting your name on it. So we'll be working out and cleaning the facility and then working out some more. I can't wait. I'm sure every coach, every player feels the same way. Everybody is ready to get back to work, get started because it's fun, it's a challenge. You're trying to develop men and develop a team. So we look forward to it, I can't wait until I can see them again."

Coach Vaughan telling me he's hired four new assistant coaches this offseason, so getting those coaches together with the players even more important.

We'll let you know Wednesday exactly what the Bay District has in mind As for the Walton County schools, it looks like June 15th will be the start date, we've heard Jackson County looking at that date as well.

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