Arnold A.D., weightlifting coach talk about hosting state championship

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - It's going to be a big week at Arnold High School, and in particular for the girls weightlifting program there.

Arnold put out a bid last year to host the girls and boys state weightlifting, and was awarded those championships.

The girls state meet is this week, Friday and Saturday at the Marlin's Athletic Center. So the plans for hosting, and competing in, that event are in the home stretch!

"A lot of preparation, we've had to build a lot of the stuff ourselves," Rick Green, Arnold athletic director said. "You know the judges lights, they just don't sell those. We had to build them. So we built judges lights, we built stands to put the scores on, or the weight on. We built, we're having to build crowd control devices. So we're doing a lot of work, and we've been borrowing stuff from everybody. So, but the community out here on the beach has been great to us. They're saying anything you need, we'll try to help you."

Arnold has seven girls qualifying for State, the most of any area program.

"We're pretty much keeping regular schedule today (Monday)," Josh Flaig, Arnold weightlifting coach said. "Unfortunately, the boys season overlaps. So tomorrow I have to host the boys weightlifting meet at Arnold so that's going to be really busy for them. So they're going to have to do a little bit on their own. As far as preparation goes, we have all hands on deck. I mean teachers coming in, taking days off to help us run it. We're going to be having all kinds of clubs running the parking and concession. It really is a school-wide event. It's really Arnold coming together for one big meet. We're excited for it."

More on those girls competing for state titles in their home gym later this week.