Arnold set to host Bay County Softball Tournament

Are you ready for some softball? The fans of high school ball across Bay County certainly are. Starting Wednesday, Coach Rick Green and his Arnold program are hosting the annual Bay County Tournament, with all 6 Bay County softball teams participating in a single elimination event starting tomorrow night.

The coach happy to be hosting, which comes around every 6 years, this will be the second time Arnold's been the home field for the tournament.

It was coach Green who helped formulate the idea for this tourney and here's why!

"Seven or eight years ago we came up with the idea of doing a county tournament because we'd all play each other and then we'd have to decide who was the county champion." coach Green told me Tuesday. "So in putting in this county tournament, we have a real county champion now. Our kids, they love doing this. It's their rivals, their in-county rivals. Most of them are good friends. And they like to converse on social media and all that. But when they play each other, boy it's a...they get after it."

The tourney begins with Bozeman playing Rutherford Wednesday at 5, Bay and Mosley play at 7.

The winner of Bozeman-Rutherford plays Arnold Thursday, the winner of Bay-Mosley faces North Bay Haven. All this, among other things, a nice little financial shot in the arm for the host program.

"Yeah it does, it really does." says coach Green "Any time Arnold and Bay High, or Arnold and Mosley, or Rutherford and North Bay Haven play we have good crowds. So we'll have good crowds here too. And every six years you have the chance to make a pretty good gate to help support your softball program. (Question) So you don't split the gate? (Answer) We used to do that but then we decided to go ahead and whoever hosted will take the proceeds."