Arnold volleyball team working towards 2019 season

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Inside the gym we go and to Arnold as Madison Wichterman and her Marlins volleyball squad continue to work towards the start of the season, set for August 20th.

Arnold volleyball team works towards season opener August 20th

The Marlins, like many high school teams in our region, dealing with a very odd 2018 season. Though Arnold High School wasn't damaged, their gym was used as a shelter, displacing the team.

Some of the players had homes that were damaged, a more serious distraction that.

Still they stuck together, practiced and played through, wound up 11-11 and earned a playoff berth as district runner up. This August, they're back together, working towards the start of a new season, and the coach, going into her second year there, says they're progressing nicely.

"Yeah I think we've been able to get kids to buy into what I'm expecting of them." says coach Wichterman. "And that's still gonna be a process. We know kind of the expectations of the program. All the girls have bought into it. And now it's a matter of me reflecting on my mistakes, and being able to make changes off of those mistakes. And then use those to push positively towards this year."

The coach expounds on that first year together, she and her players, and how it was a steep learning curve for all of them.

"We were running different defenses than they'd run." the coach told us. "We were running different offenses. Just everything about the game, and the expectations, it was all different. I think they (the players) were able to adjust a lot quicker than I was. I was still trying to figure out my purpose as a coach and what I wanted to pour into them. And I was also trying to balance being a first year teacher and a first year coach. I've learned from it, and now I'm coming in and I feel like I'm stronger and it's gonna make them stronger."

The Marlins open up the season at home on the 20th against Blountstown, one of the best 1A programs in the state!

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