Arnold's Ledman talks about the perks and pressures of being a senior quarterback

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - He who has confidence in himself, "Put me in pads, put me in a helmet, in a game situation with a line, d-line, people running at you," will gain the confidence of others.

"I'm the guy. I'm the guy that's going to make a play. I'm going to run down the field and score."

Upcoming Arnold senior quarterback Cade Ledman has confidence; a critical factor in the internal make up of elite quarterbacks.

"From day one, you've got to be motivated," Ledman said. "You've got to be the one that sparks your team, gets them fired up. You're the guy. Everyone looks at you to make the decisions and lead the team."

Everyone who's looked at Cade over his high school career may have noticed a physical change.

"Starting off I probably weighed about 180, benching about 205," Ledman said. "Right now, I'm weighing about 205, benching 315."

But Cade knows it's not all about being physically tough.

"You get a lot of credit, but you also get a lot of blame," Ledman said. "People are always in your ear. You have to have a mental block. Bad play, you've got to wipe it off. You can never be down on yourself. Because once you start getting down, your team looks at you, and they start getting down and you're all downhill from there. So anything happens, you always got to stay positive and keep making plays."

Cade made moves this summer, traveling to quarterback camps like David Morris' QB Country to, "Yale, Princeton," Ledman said. "Went to some camps there. I really loved it, got to show my talent up north. Show them what I have."

As for any kind of pressure entering a senior season without an offer in hand.

"You know, it's not really my choice," Ledman said. "A lot of schools want to see me play my senior year. Recruiting comes by winning games. You win the games and the recruiting comes behind that. So I really want to focus on having a great season. And I know the recruiting, the coaches, the schools will be following me seeing what I do."

After all, when you've got something to prove there's nothing greater than a challenge.

"I want to really make an impact my senior year," Ledman said. "Show that I've always been underrated and just make a big show for people to understand."

Ledman and the rest of the Arnold Marlins open the season against South Walton on August 24th.