Bay assessing athletic facilities ravaged by Michael

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Panama City was walloped by Hurricane Muichael.

Unsurprisingly, Bay High School and its athletic facilities took a major hit, although some of the damage did come as a surprise a few days later.

At first, it appeared as if Cobb Gym (a relatively new structure) had weathered the storm just fine, but water got into the gym, causing the gym floor to bow up in the days that followed.

The entire gym floor is being replaced, with further water damage taking place in other sections of the building, like the weight room.

Athletic director Michael Grady doesn't have an estimate for when the renovations will finish. For now, all teams are doing their best with what they have, wherever they can.

"We have been juggling around town," Grady said. "My [girls basketball team] is practicing at the Boys and Girls Club and Mowat. My boys team is practicing at First Baptist, and thank you First Baptist and Boys and Girls Club for your hospitality. The wrestling team is practicing at Rutherford with their wrestling team at their facility. Everybody is going a different direction and we can't wait to be back here in our own, nice Cobb Gym."

The gym is flanked outdoors by extensive damage. The football practice field has bent goalposts and a torn down light post.

Across the street, the softball press box has been gutted, with fences and dugouts on the baseball and softball fields sustaining structural damage.

"They were completely demolished," Grady concurred. "Things like batting turtles cost five thousand dollars. The full dugout, the batting cages were completely demolished. Those things are upwards of five thousand dollars also...I would say half a million dollars."