Bay Elite coaches work to advise youth volleyball players during pandemic

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (WJHG/WECP) This is usually the time of year when high school volleyball players are back on the courts, be they beach courts or in the gyms.

Sadly that is not the case. So with that in mind, some area coaches are continuing to work to dole out some advice to players as they try to work through this pandemic in relative volleyball isolation

Not long ago I had the chance to speak with coaches Erika and Bruno Chateau, both of them Directors for Bay United Elite youth volleyball.

That was after they'd arranged for several local players to be involved with a Zoom chat with three time Olympic champ Kerri Walsh Jennings. Part of the advice Jennings doled out, and is being reinforced by the local coaches these days, for the girls to keep working, even if that means doing so in isolation.

"This is the power of the offseason because you can take time off to miss something." Erika Chateau told me. "And then when you come back you're going to want it even more, you're going to want to work harder, you're going to love it and appreciate it. Just have that old fire that you had be reignited. So for her to say that, at that time was kind of perfect. Because the girls have been, we have been anxious to get back out on the court, but we've got to embrace it."

And when I asked about specific work the coaches might pass along to players as they try to keep up these days, Erika told me "There are so many things. The girls can be working on agility, plyometrics and self home workouts. But also if they have a volleyball at home they can be practicing with one arm, doing self drills that can keep them getting their touches and working on their technique."

Perhaps it won't be too much longer before the players can get back together and play for real on the beach, or in the gym!

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