Bay alum Janarius Robinson talks about graduating at FSU Friday

Friday was a big night for Bay alum Janarius Robinson, who is just finishing up his redshirt junior season with the FSU football team.

Janarius Robinson walks through graduation Friday at FSU

Janarius has finished with his undergraduate degree in Sport Management and was a part of FSU's fall commencement ceremony Friday night. And all that makes JRob an "icebreaker" of sorts in his family.

"I'm the first person in my family to graduate at the college level and be the first person to get a degree." Janarius said Friday. "So it feels good, breaking that in my family and starting a different trend. So I just used football for an avenue, reach something else, and get something else. You know I can knock out two birds with one stone, work on football and get my degree at the same time."

What makes him finishing in under four years a bit more impressive, Robinson had to deal with serious adversity following Hurricane Michael, during which his family home was destroyed, along with
most everything inside it.

"It impacted me and my family in a major way, not only me and my family but other families as well in Panama City, Florida." Janarius admits. "You know it was a setback, but those things come. There's always going to be bumps in the road. What matters is how you respond to adversity. I think that's something that will also help me out in life. You go through adversity every day, but how are you going to bounce back from it."

And bounce back he did, with that goal of graduating always on his mind.

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