Bay athletes among those getting back on their respective campuses Monday

Bay football players back on campus working out
Bay football players back on campus working out(WJHG)
Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 5:23 PM CDT
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Monday a big day for some student athletes in Bay County, as they were able to get back on campus and work out under the guidance of their coaches.

Case in point, about 35-40 Bay football players back in the gym and the weight room, working under the watchful eye of head coach Keith Bland and his assistant coaches.

They set up stations, with nine players to one coach, moving from station to station, doing agility drills and working with the weights.

The Bay District office laying out very strict guidelines for these workouts, calling this phase one of three phases. so this just the first step in a long journey.

"You know it was a good first day." coach Bland told us. "It's a different circumstance as far as the way we do our summer weight training. To keep reminding the kids about the kids keeping their space and distance has been the hardest part. It will keep getting better. We're in a routine, we did a rotation through, we had nine in the weight room, nine in the gym. We had nine doing agilities in a different area. So we just did a rotation. It went shorter, as far as the segments. Two hours seemed to fly by pretty quick. But it's good for the kids to be back together."

Coach Bland telling us a few of the kid struggled a bit with the conditionning, and he in fact cut things a little short since some were feeling nauseous, but he's not concerned about that at all.

"Part of that is we just have to get into the habit, into the groove. But it was a great first day with the kids. And once again they are kids. You know as the adults we are responsible for making sure we care for them. I can't even remember the date we had them back on campus in March. This is the reason why you get into the business, to work with kids one on one. So it's a great day for me, I love it, the coaches love it. So we came up and met last night to get a plan. We are excited about today and we're excited about day two."

And even though it wasn't an easy summer morning, it's safe to say the players are happy to be working together again.

"This feels good." sophomore qb Will Smiley told us."I mean I try to focused, lifting and working out during this corona thing. And it just feels better that I'm back with my brothers and working out."

Junior receiver Cason Forehand concurred with all that.

"We're really excited especially because we've been off for so long. You know these guys getting back, we had a bunch of seniors last year, so we've got the freshman who are getting more experience. And it's a little weird having different groups In the weight room and in the gym and watching film and stuff. But I guess it's the new normal now so."

Gulf County also allowing its student-athletes back Monday. Holmes County athletes can go back on the 8th, Walton set for the 15th. Other counties set to follow suit in the coming days.

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