Bay baseball coach talks about season ending prematurely

PANAMA CITY, FL (WJHG/WECP) These are rather tough times for area athletes and their coaches, dealing with the loss of what was left of their spring seasons. Softball, baseball, tennis, track and field, boy's weightlifting, flag football and spring football practice all canceled as of Monday.

Today we're visiting with Bay baseball coach Andrew Starr. His team through just 7 games before things were shut down. Their last game a loss at Niceville March 10th.

The coach telling me via Skype, seeing the FHSAA pull the plug Monday wasn't totally unexpected, but it's still a shock to the system, especially when you're dealing with high school kids. And athletes that have been through the ringer before, dealing with Hurricane Micheal and its aftermath. {STARR}

"Oh absolutely, those guys, they're warriors. They've been through a lot the last year, the last two years with their junior year with Hurricane Michael and now this. I can't imagine, I can't imagine being in their shoes. I think back when I was a junior and senior year in high school. You know those six, seven years of your life, from your junior high school year to graduating college, those are fun times in your life. And they've kind of had the tough hand with the last two years with Michael, and now this, it's just crazy."

Coach Starr adding he's always preaching to his players to appreciate what they're doing, when they're doing it, and this week is a good example of why!

"My coaches and I, we say it all the want to play, attack every day like it could be your last. And now you have a real life example of, I'm sure when those kids walked off the field in Niceville, the Tuesday before spring break, they didn't think that that would be their last game. And for some of our seniors it is going to be their last time playing baseball. And that's hard to wrap your head around. Moving forward for some of our younger guys, not just tornadoes but anybody, you never know when it can be gone and never take it for granted and work hard."

For coach Starr the missing now is to help his seniors work towards finding a place to play on, if they are at that level. Though he knows there are difficulties with that.

"No absolutely and I don't know how tough it's going to be because Juco and the NCAA they're giving everybody an extra year of eligibility. You know some of the rosters on these Juco's, where our guys could go play, they may not have any spots because those kids may not be leaving. So it's gonna be tough and I'll tell the guys when I'm able to see them, just keep working. Even if it's not this year they're more than welcome to come practice with us next year to try and get on somewhere after that as well."

Starr says he's thinking about summer ball, hoping there will be a chance for some kind of summer season, though that is a big question mark at this point.

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