Beau Johnson working to help his Tigers get through this lockdown

Blountstown head football coach Beau Johnson is another of our area high school coaches who are juggling looking after their own families, while doing their best to keep up with, and help out their extended athletic families.

Ordinarily in early to mid April coach Johnson would be planning ahead for the start of spring football. And football, as you should know, rather a big deal in the city of Blountstown. The Tigers are among the elite 1A programs in the state. Last year they won the title in the first ever North Florida Sunshine State Playoff.

And then made it all the way to the 1A state championship game. So no doubt coach Johnson and his guys anxious to get back on the field and start preparing for the 2020 season. Spring football though very much in doubt at this point, at least for a May start. Who knows beyond that.

Wednesday I spoke with coach Johnson via Skype about a variety of topics, starting with how he's communicating with his student-athletes and how they're dealing with this lockdown?

"The ones I got in touch with last (Tuesday) night were handling it pretty well. I think they're more bored and ready to see each other and get some kind of normalcy in their life. Most of them seem to be doing fine. I can't get in touch with all of them, we're not the most technologically sound around here. So, but the ones I could get a hold of were getting a hold of the other ones. So I talked to about 15 of them last night."

Coach adding he's doing his best to communicate with his guys helping then through real life problems. And not even dealing too much with guiding workouts and things like that. The simple reality in this time of pandemic.

"Honestly the first thing I asked them was how you're doing? Do you need anything? Are you doing your school work? I didn't mention our working out stuff until the end. Because you know, if one of them has a single mom that's lost their job, and they're having to help take care of the kids. I went to get a tire fixed and my starting center the last two years is up there flipping tires, and has grease all over him and sweating. So most of ours around here will be outside working with their parents, do stuff like that."

Let's hope coach Johnson and his Tigers will all be back together on the field sometime soon!

Coach's audio dropped out a second there, he said his starting "center" the last two years at the tire shop. Hopefully Beau and all his Tigers will be able to get back together sometime soon!

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