Blountstown High School still working to get athletic facilities repaired

Blountstown High School continues to work to get its athletic facilities up and running in advance of the fall

BLOUNTSTOWN, FL (WJHG/WECP) There are several area high schools working this summer to put things back together in the wake of the storm, and that certainly includes their athletic facilities.

Blountstown is one of the many schools in our area still working to put things back together in the wake of Hurricane Michael last October.

The athletic facilities there were hit hard by the storm. Just about all their fields and the football stadium severely damaged.

With the start of fall practice set for Monday, and the first regular season game set for August 24th, the football stadium at the school still needs a lot of work.

The press box is good to go, but they still need to rebuild the grandstand on the home side. And there's no bleachers on the visiting side.

The light poles are still broken, needing replacement, and of course, ditto the lights that will be attached to them, just to cite a few examples.

"You know District's number one concern is doing what's best for the school system and the kids, as far as academics." Blountstown head football coach told us Wednesday. "But you know sports are very important in this town, in this community. So this has been a long process, but things are starting to develop, starting to happen. Next week we expect a big week of getting some things started. So we're going to get Musco lighting, not that I totally understand what that is, but we're gonna get Musco lighting. We're getting better, stronger poles, things like that. And it's my understanding that that's gonna be happening almost at the same time the bleachers are being put together."

Musco lighting does sports venue lighting. They lit the Daytona Motor Speedway, so it's state of the art!

The locker rooms are good, some damaged windows have been replaced. Coach says he didn't schedule his team's first home game until week three just to give the construction a little extra time.

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