Bozeman football players working with coaches again

Bozeman football players back on campus working out
Bozeman football players back on campus working out(WJHG)
Published: Jun. 2, 2020 at 9:03 PM CDT
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Many area student athletes continue to get back on their respective campuses, and that includes a seemingly anxious group of Bozeman football players.

Tuesday morning we zipped up to Bozeman to check in with coach Jason Griffin and his Bucks as they get back to work.

Given the strict guidelines doled out by the Bay District Office, the players are being divided up, and for now the idea is

to work on conditioning, Tuesday morning much of the time spent on that.

"We spent a lot of time over the last week or so," says head coach Jason Griffin "since we got the news we could start this week, doing our best to put a plan together that fell within the guidelines that really did our number one priority. That is the safety of our kids, that's our number one concern. That also includes mental health. And I know these guys, they've been sitting down, it's a scary time. They've been forced to be away from the sports they love. So as part of that mental health, I felt like it was just as important to get these guys up here, to be able to get back in a little bit of a routine."

And coach Griffin says his kids are eager and anxious, despite the heat and despite the grind of conditioning drills.

"In the summer we spend a lot of time on the phone, and texts and social media, rounding those last few kids up. Saying hey, trying to convince them how important it is, to get them here for summer workouts. Well I put a couple of Facebook posts out and we are running the maximum. Under our plan we are able to get 54 kids in our program, 9 kids and a coach with six coaches. So we are running our maximum each day and 54 kids. So I'm amazed, to be honest with you, at the turnout."

Given the guidelines, well there are some handicaps from a football perspective.

"You know a big part of summer workouts is team building and team bonding." coach Griffin says "So we like to work in large groups, we like to get our guys together in the weight room. And then together on the field doing together, even though we break them into position groups, we still like for them to be there. And of course as a head football coach, particularly at the end of the day, you like to bring all your kids together and look them in the eye and to say things, to talk to them, to motivate them, to give them all a message as a group. So you don't have that opportunity, it's different in that regard, and that we can't do those types of groups."

Those guidelines built in three phases, with the third in football allowing for contact. The question moving forward, will the state allow for

some full contact this summer, given what was lost with no spring football practices.

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