Chase Seiffert says earning his 2020 PGA Tour card is finally sinking in

DENVER, Colo. (WJHG/WECP) - It's safe to say Mosley alum Chase Seiffert is a relatively happy man this week! Chase continues to play on the Korn Ferry Tour, with an eye now on being a full-time member of the PGA Tour in 2020!

Chase continues to play on the Korn Ferry Tour, with an eye now on being a full-time member of the PGA Tour in 2020! (WJHG/WECP)

Seiffert shot a 9 under 63 at the Lecom Challenge in Findley Lake, New York Sunday, leaving him tied for third and with a check of $31,000.

More importantly, the top five finish guarantees Chase will finish in the top 25 on that Tour's money list, which guarantees him that 2020 PGA Tour card!

We spoke with Chase Monday afternoon about that and if all that has sunk in more than 24 hours later.

"Yeah, I had a two-hour drive from Peek'n Peak Resort back to Cleveland, where I flew out of this morning," Chase said. "So it was a nice little drive to kind of reflect on the day and kind of what had happened. So it kind of started sinking in on that drive and got myself smiling a lot, all the way to Cleveland."

For Chase, securing this PGA Tour card has been a long, tough trip, and getting to this point makes this an emotional time for him!

"It is, I mean just reflecting back to 13 months ago, I had no status on any tour. And then here I am, 13 months later, about to be on the PGA Tour next year. So it's been kind of crazy, a longer journey than I would have thought coming out of college, to get my PGA Tour card. But I kind of wouldn't trade it for the world because it's made me a lot stronger person and a better golfer too," he said.

Seiffert, now 27, means it when he says he wouldn't trade his experiences, adding this year on the, and now Korn Ferry Tour has been invaluable!

"I've learned a lot. I missed a PGA Tour card at Web finals by one shot last year. But looking back this has been a great year for me and my game. And personal growth, too. I kind of learned how to travel, learned how to prepare, the week-in and week-out routines. Trying to figure out what I need to do to bring my best game to the tee box. Little things like that I really think will help me next year," Seiffert said.

Chase with more than $182,000 in earnings this year. He'll spend this week in Colorado, just north of Denver for the TPC Colorado Championship. And now the trick becomes on continuing to focus and work towards that first Tour win, and not start looking ahead to the start of the 2020 PGA Tour.

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