Chipley alum Trent Forrest talks about truncated senior season!

What started out as a terrific month ends in bitter disappointment for Trent Forrest and his FSU teammates
What started out as a terrific month ends in bitter disappointment for Trent Forrest and his FSU teammates(WJHG)
Published: Mar. 20, 2020 at 10:12 PM CDT
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Certainly this coronavirus epidemic is affecting us all, and there are bigger things for most to concern themselves than with any facet of athletics.

Still, sports are a huge part of our society, and for those who dedicate themselves to them, like Chipley alum Trent Forrest, this is a difficult time from a career standpoint.

The Florida State senior basketball player who, like all of us, is dealing with what's happening around the world these days. For Trent, part of dealing with it, is dealing with the disappointment of seeing an incredibly promising postseason simply disappear.

Trent and his team with a 26-5 record, and the regular season champs of the ACC. They wound up ranked 4th in the final AP poll taken, so it's obvious a lot of folks across the country expected Florida State to do big things in both the ACC tourney and the NCAA Tournament.

Friday I got the chance to chat with Trent via Skype, and with a big assist from Chuck Walsh and the FSU Sports Information Department.

I began by asking Trent about getting the news up in Greensboro before their first conference tournament game, that the tourney was being canceled!

"Yeah we were just all devastated when they told us." Trent told me. "We all wanted to play, to go out and compete and definitely get our chance to win the championship the right way, and being able to play and compete in the tournament. So we were definitely kind of devastated and saddened by what had happened."

The ACC making the decision in Greensboro to hand FSU the ACC tournament title and trophy, based on FSU winning the regular season title with a 16-4 conference record. Trent accepting on behalf of the team there. Still that was little solace to Forrest and his teammates.

"Yeah just for a second, but I mean that's not the way you really want to win. You don't really want to win by just, I guess whatever happened. You don't want to win that way, you actually want to go out and earn it. That's something that coach Ham (Leonard Hamilton) preaches to us all the time. I mean you've got to go out and get your respect. And I feel like we did that all season. And we still needed the opportunity to do that at the ACC Tournament."

And then came an even bigger blow. The NCAA canceling March Madness, it's tournament to decide a national champion. Yet another gut punch.

"Yeah definitely, definitely so." Trent says. "I mean we were really still thinking just about the ACC tournament and then you hear that that is canceled too. So then you're just kind of all over the place because there is so much going on at one time.>

Trent choosing to stay on campus for now, the rule is, once he leaves, he can't return for an indefinite period. He says 7 or 8 of his teammates also still there, and together, they are working to help each other get through this difficult time!

"A lot! We're still talking to each other, we're always together. So I feel like in any situation we probably want to be with each other no matter the kind of circumstances. I mean just to keep those relationships and to keep that brotherhood together that's what we're about here. And I mean it just feels good to still be around those guys."

At least Trent did get a true senior day, and that ACC regular season title celebration a couple of weeks ago, memories nothing can take away.

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