Chipola Indians are preparing for their third league game

MARIANNA, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - The Chipola Indians were set to pack up the bus and head west over to Pensacola Wednesday for their third round of Panhandle play.

Because of the impending winter weather, they've already decided to push those games back to Thursday.

So an extra day of practice for coach Campbell and his Chipola mens team, which put up 12 wins in their 15 pre-conference games, so a pretty good run before league play.

They then began the conference schedule with a win at Tallahassee, and then a loss at home Saturday to Northwest Florida.

So two games in, and coach Campbell says any of his guys, who weren't certain before, now know things must be stepped up when it's a Panhandle opponent.

"I think they certainly realize that," Bret Campbell, Chipola men's basketball coach said. "You can talk all you want about how good this league is, but until you see it firsthand you don't, they don't believe you. We're just through the first round, getting ready to start the second round and we certainly realize that the conference season is here and every possession is so critical."

And that intensity, says coach Campbell, must be carried over into every practice.

"Well I think you have to, number one, be pretty locked in," Campbell said. "Just make sure your players realize the importance of each game. You know we slipped up the other night. Certainly Northwest is a pretty good basketball team. A good road win at Tallahassee and then slipped up at home. You never like to lose but especially you don't like to give one away at home and Northwest came in here and got one against us."

Now the Indians set their sights on an 0-2 Pensacola squad that's coming off a loss Saturday at home.

"Well I think it's probably the scariest game right now because they're 0-2 and any time you start off 0-2 you really need to get a win," Campbell said. "And you know with them playing at home, I think there's a sense of urgency that we've got to certainly describe to our players and make them realize that Pensacola, nobody wants to start out 0-3, and they're gonna give us all we want. And again they're a good basketball team. Just because you're 0-2 in this league doesn't mean a whole lot."

Again the Chipola games at Pensacola, and Northwest Florida's games at home against Tallahassee have all been postponed until Thursday night.

The Commodores have the midweek bye.