Chipola coaches working to help recruits, and all their athletes!

Published: Mar. 19, 2020 at 11:11 PM CDT
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These are very difficult times for all, and that certainly includes high school and college student athletes, as they face serious questions in terms of their athletic futures.

One of the best softball coaches around has some sound advice as he tries to help area softball players, in particular, with advancing their athletic careers during this coronavirus scare!

Quite simply there's little or no recruiting going on, at any level of college ball right now. In any sport. That's having an affect on so many kids, both on the high school and collegiate levels! And Wednesday we spoke with Chipola coach Jimmy Hendrix about that!

"That's who has been in put in a situation right now, the high school senior that has not committed or signed. And the junior college sophomore that hasn't committed or signed. While we have a break, start sending out emails. Start making phone calls. I know the D1 coaches, the junior college coaches, we can still answer the phone. We can still answer our email. If you've got a chance, go into the garage, go outside, video your swing. Take some ground balls, throw if you're a pitcher. And it could be on a cell phone. It doesn't have to be professional. Send it to, right now you've got time, so send it to everybody in the country."

Good advice indeed, and again that's not just for softball players, but for baseball and other sports as well.

Chipola's baseball coach and Athletic Director Jeff Johnson also working hard to help all the student athletes at the school, with a variety of issues. It's the kind of thing coach Johnson, who's been around awhile, never expected to have to deal with!

"Well I think we're all in uncharted waters right now and trying to figure out what we have in this virus. And the extent in how long and how far this thing goes. The entanglement of how far everything goes. The uncertainties of all that has us all on edge. You know we've just got to take care of our kids. The canceling of the season, we felt like that was going to happen at some point, we heard it coming. But the safety of our kids is the most important thing and getting them to where they can be successful and be safe with their parents."

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