Chipola enjoying a well deserved day off in Grand Junction

GRAND JUNCTION, Colorado (WJHG/WECP) - Wednesday was a day for the Chipola baseball team to play the role of tourists just a bit in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Thanks to a third straight win in the loser's bracket Tuesday, after losing their first game out there Saturday, the Indians find themselves into the final round of play at the Juco World Series.

They got a 14-13 ten inning win over Iowa Western, that was full of ups and downs, allowing them to emerge from the loser's bracket.

And by their game Thursday night, against either Walters, the team that beat them Saturday, or Idaho Southern, they'll be just one of three teams still standing.

And again, Wednesday's a much needed day off and late Tuesday night, I asked coach Johnson how he planned to spend the time off with the guys.

"I think now Scott, after going through such an emotional win, it's huge," Jeff Johnson, Chipola baseball coach said. "We expended a lot of energy, a lot of physical and mental energy. And I think it's huge for us to have a day off, catch our breath. You know re-shuffle our pitching a little bit. We're gonna have to do some scraping, messaging, icing and everything else to get some guys ready to go, to try and finish this thing out. But we are in a position now that we've got a chance."

As for Chipola's schedule Thursday.

"We're gonna sleep in in the morning, have breakfast at ten," Johnson said. "And then take them to either the monument or the mountains, and do that for two or three or four hours. And then probably just go out to the field, just take them out, get about three rounds of BP (batting practice) you know just get them out, get some blood flow, keep them in their rhythm."

Chipola gunning for back to back national championships.