Coach Hudson talks about feeling for his 6 seniors.

LYNN HAVEN, FL (WJHG/WECP) For several area high school baseball teams, there remains, in the wake of the season being canceled a third of the way through, a serious feeling of "what might have been."

The Florida Dept. of Education has mandated a suspension of high school spring sports.

Certainly the coaches and players of the Mosley team has a right to share that feeling.

Coach Jon Hudson leading Mosley deep into the playoffs the previous four seasons, with three visits in fact to the state finals.
No reason to think this season wouldn't have brought some kind of playoff run, the 'fins were off to an 8-2 start. Coach Hudson feeling particularly bad for his six seniors, who put in so much to his program the past few years, so he vows to continue working for them as they move forward!

"They've worked as hard as anyone here. And for them not to hit the road and the playoff run and get all those experiences with all their friends, you can't replace that. But you know their mark on the program is the same as others, as far as setting the example for the younger guys and continuing the way we do things here at Mosley. And if they are ready to continue on for college baseball, we're working just as hard for that as we would have been if we had played a final four. I just want them to know I'm still in their corner and I'm going to do all I can do to finish this job of high school."

As for the prospect of summer ball, that remains up in the air, and Jon says his seniors are part of that mix, if they want it!

"I think that's just one of those things that's up to us, each individual coach. We're just doing the summer baseball group here. It's going to be up to us when we want to get things going again. And we have to have the CDC let people get together. We all understand why we're doing it. It's just gonna be a wait and see thing. Whenever they let us play and if the seniors need to play, and their summer teams are canceled for the summer, if that was to happen, obviously we're gonna play whoever we can, whichever guys this summer, if and when we're ready to go, we'll be ready with them."

We'll see when players can get back together on the field and what kind of opportunity that presents come summertime.