Coach Siegal putting in the miles to visit his student-athletes

Today we chat with yet another local high school coach, working hard these days to make sure his student athletes are faring well!

North Bay Haven head football coach Andy Seigal, along with some assistant coaches, have been riding around the county, visiting in person, the players, and giving them workout plans. Plans that have to be creative, since many of the kids don't have access to a weight room or any weights at all!

"You know the FHSAA has got a lot of rules in place like no team meetings, and stuff like that." says coach Siegal. "You can't have a Zoom meeting or anything like that. You're not supposed to have any organized workouts with the kids. Which we're completely 100 percent following. We did give all out kids a workout because they're in our first period class. We have a weightlifting class, so for their workout they have a plan they can use at home involving coffee cans, water jugs, stretch bans. If they don't have weights they can use all that stuff."

And the players taking it all to heed, sending these pictures back to the coaches. No spring football practice in May, so every bit helps!

The coach says he certainly wants his players staying in shape, but that's not his main concern these days.

"You know our focus number one is them as a person, making sure their families and them are safe and all that I've called every single one of the players, texted, called and emailed. And now we're in the rounds of going around and actually going to see them, going to their houses. Just checking on them because you know it's so impersonal calling somebody on the phone when you can't really see them. This is a lot better when you can do the Skype or the Zoom and what not. So we're just driving up to the driveway and kind of surprising them. We're keeping six to ten feet distance, wave the North Bay Haven flag. I've had a different coach with me every day."

The coach says since his is a Charter school, and his students come from all over, he's canvassed Bay County from one end to the other. But he's loving every mile!

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