FHSAA administrator talks about making some tough calls!

GAINESVILLE, FL (WJHG/WECP) When it comes to tough decisions involving high school athletics across the state, well they don't come much tougher than what the Florida High School Athletics Association is dealing with these days.

The FHSAA is the body that governs high school sports in Florida, based in Gainesville.

Frank Beasley is one of the Athletics Coordinator for the Association. Tuesday the FHSAA extended the ban on spring sports for high school teams, baseball, softball, tennis, track and others. That based on the CDC and Governor's guidelines. Still, Frank tells me, those calls are not made easily!

"It's been a trying time for all of us." Beasley says. "Obviously the safety and well-being of coaches, student-athletes and administrators is on the forefront. While we're trying to maintain some sense of normalcy and to keep hope out in front of everybody with trying not to let this thing go. So you know, it's been difficult for all of us."

Again the ban on sports runs through May 3rd now. It is hoped the games may be able to resume shortly after that, and the FHSAA release Tuesday stated perhaps those games could go on through the end of June, long after the school year normally ends.

Again, none of these calls are easy, and as Mr. Beasley tells us, he and his associates at the FHSAA are always evaluating and planning for what comes next!

"Well we have extensive meetings, daily, with our own staff. For what's going on right now, but not only that, planning into next year. Making sure that we have plans ready. But right now we're sitting on hold, just like everybody else is. Just like our schools are. We're trying to do the best we can with the information that we have. Again we'll make a decision...make some decisions in the coming weeks with how we're going to proceed."

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