FSU coach Mike Norvell talks about guiding the program through pandemic

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WJHG/WECP) Even through this outbreak of COVID-19 these are busy days for the first year head coach of the Florida State football program, Mike Novell.

FSU head coach Mike Norvell chats with us about working through pandemic

The coach gracious enough to spend a good ten minutes with me midday Tuesday, in between meetings with coaches, recruits, and a whole variety of other responsibilities he has these days.

I began our chat by asking the coach about how he and the Seminoles were through just three spring workouts when the shutdown began, a tough blow for a first year coach working to instill a system!

"Well there's so much anticipation building up to spring ball and all the work that goes into it." Coach Norvell told me. "I was really proud of our players and our support staff. I thought our Strength and Conditioning coach, coach Storms did an incredible job preparing our guys. And having a great overall development, physically to what we were trying to do and where we were trying to be at. We got three practices in which was just about enough to get a base understanding of where everybody was supposed to be going. Unfortunately that's when everything hit, we were going into spring break. We had a pretty good understanding that we were going to be working remotely for awhile, but that's obviously stretched to a more extensive period."

The coach says he's grateful to get at least those three workouts in to give the players a base understanding of many things. Things that are simply having to be carried over into the virtual world that we all are adapting to!

"Three weeks ago I probably couldn't even tell you what Zoom was and now I feel like I'm a Zoom expert." says the coach. "With all the different meetings that we're doing not only with our current players, but also with out staff. Things have definitely changed but like I told our players last week, the path has changed, but the destination has not. And that's important for us because nobody expected what we're having to go through. Our players are truly being tested and I think the maturity that we developed throughout this semester is being forced to show itself with the kind of adversity that's shown up."

As for guiding his players. coach Norvell says he and his staff can't mandate any workout, they can simply advise the players on how to make the best of their situations, especially those players back home who don't have access to their high school gym or field, and are having to make due with weights in the garage, and things like that. Norvell says it's important the players keep up with their strength and conditioning so when they are able to get back together, they'll be ready.

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