Golfing rivals have grown into the best of friends

BAY COUNTY, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - For Arnold senior Cameron Fish, golf is quite simply a part of her.

"My love for it," Cameron Fish, Arnold senior golfer said. "Every single day it seems to grow."

Mosley senior Marybeth McGuire echoes those sentiments.

"I do remember the first time I played with Cameron," Marybeth McGuire, Mosley senior golfer said. "I think I was six years old, so she was probably about seven or eight."

"I do remember the first times that we played together," Fish said. "It was just a regular day. You meet a new golfer but it was kind of special because we just clicked."

Fast forward a few years, and they're competing in high school. And with both players ascending to the top of their respective teams, that means they're always paired together.

"Hundreds I'm guessing, or probably close to it," McGuire said.

And though they are rivals, well beating each other isn't always the most important thing when they compete.

"I definitely think it's a help whenever they say I'm playing against Marybeth, it's like ok, I'm just playing with Marybeth," Fish said. "It's not like a thing where you try and beat the other person. You're just out there and it's almost like you're hanging out with one of your really close friends."

"I enjoy it because if you ever have a frustrating day out on the course, she's always there to bring me back up," McGuire said. "I don't see her as a competitor. I'm not out there playing the course. I'm not out there playing against Cameron, I'm playing with Cameron. So it's always just been nice to have someone to have my back out there."

And they really do have each other's backs!

"I mean, I feel like I just root for her like I root for one of my own teammates," Fish said. "Because we've known each other for so long and been so close and played together for so long. It's like I want her to do her very best, that she can too."

"Golf is a pretty fickle game in itself, it will bring you down just by itself," McGuire said. "You can't have someone else bringing you down. So we've always tried to pick each other up."

And good news for Marybeth, she committed to a golf scholarship with Florida Tech Friday. Cameron committed to Belmont University in Nashville some time ago.

The 2A Regional meet Tuesday is set at Tiger Point in Gulf Breeze.