Gulf Coast coach cherishes FSU softball championship

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - This week has been an exciting one for softball in the Florida panhandle.

Florida State won its first national championship over Washington. Among the alumni celebrating is Gulf Coast head coach Beth Wade.

Wade played softball for the Seminoles from 2000-2004 and played in the Women's College World Series twice. While leading a three day camp at Joe Tom King Field, Wade says that what's cool to her is seeing how her alma mater is inspiring local kids.

"Even with having camp this week we're talking to them about it," Wade said. "'Hey guys are you watching the ball? You guys watching the World Series? Who's your favorite player?' And getting them to try to talk about it. Some of them say 'King, we like Megan King and Jessie Warren.' But they're into it. They're watching, they're recording. Some of them are like, 'we recorded it and watched it later because we had practice.' So just seeing the excitement through them is really what's cool."

Although the softball community tends to be a close knit one anyway, FSU's run through Oklahoma City helped bring Wade and her former teammates closer together.

"It's just an unbelievable feeling to see those guys have that experience and to play so well on that level," Wade added. "It just makes you proud. I've heard from so many people. All of the alumni have been talking, kind of living and dying on every play, so it has been really fun reconnecting with a lot of people through them."

Wade has been the head coach at Gulf Coast since summer 2014.