Gulf Coast gets a curveball thrown at it before it opens play at Juco Nationals in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (WJHG/WECP) Three area teams look ahead to the start of their respective National Tournaments Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Northwest Florida men's team is now in Hutchinson, Kansas with their opener at Nationals Tuesday at 2 central against Cape Fear

The Northwest and Gulf Coast women's teams are both now in Lubbock, Texas for their 24 team National tourney.

The Lady Raiders still set to play their first round game Tuesday at noon against Enid out of Oklahoma.

As for the Lady Commodores, as the number two seed, they get a first round bye and were supposed to play Tuesday as well.

However the host venue, Lubbock Christian University, now has it's own game to host a Division Two South Regional, the schedule's changed a bit, and Gulf Coast's opener, against Walters State, which won today, will be a game Wednesday morning at ten. Monday I spoke about that with Gulf Coast head coach Roonie Scovel.

"It was something that they just couldn't help." Scovel told me. "When the host advances. It was kind of unexepected the way it all happened. And you know the whole school is nice enough and gracious enough to provide this venue for us. And their team advanced. You know if that were us I would certainly want to play the next round at home. So you know it threw us off, we moved to Wendesday. One of the things that you don't, that you wouldn't want to do, if we're good enough to advance, is play four days in a row!"

And that's a byproduct of this change. Gulf Coast with a win in its first game was set to get a day off Wednesday. That's no longer the case. And also an extra day of sitting around, with some practice sprinkled in.

"And I think we're the perfect team to have to adjust." coach Scovel says. "There's not much that can happen to us that we haven't be flexible, resilient. Crazy things happened with our facilities, our gym and everything that's happened to us this fall, I would say we're totally prepared for that to happen. Now to play at ten o'clock in the morning, we haven't done that. But kind of like I told the young ladies, just one more thing to add to the list of firsts for Gulf Coast to do this year."

23-5 Gulf Coast will face 29-4 Walters out of Tennessee which won it's opener Monday.