Hombre Golf Club has closed for good!

Published: Oct. 24, 2018 at 5:41 PM CDT
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It is the end of the line for one of our area's golf courses, with the storm certainly being the final straw, so to speak, in the closing of the Hombre Golf Club in Panama City Beach.

Rumors have persisted for weeks before the storm that course owner and local businessman George Roberts was selling the course, or perhaps had even already worked a deal to sell it.

The Hombre's now "former" golf G.M. Robbie Willis confirming to me today the club has closed its doors for good, saying it will not reopen.

Robbie telling me the damage done to the Hombre by Hurricane Michael was a fatal blow to the business side of the course, saying there are 275 trees down, damage to the paths, the irrigation system and so on. He estimates it would take up to a million dollars just to make things operational again.

I reached out to George Roberts this morning, who texted me he would get back to me today, but hasn't as of yet, certainly he has a lot going on with among other things, a business that works storm cleanup.

The course opened in December of 1989, by then owner Wes Burnham. Oridinally an 18 hole course, another 9 holes were added, but then closed with the plan to use that land for residential development.

Two other Bay County courses remain closed for now, the Panama Country Club has sustained heavy damage. Bay Point has its Nicklaus course cleaned up for the most part, and it may be ready for play soon, though now definite word on that. Bay Point's Club Meadows course has hundreds of trees down on it with more other damage.

It remains uncertain as to the future of the Panama Country Club and the Meadows course. We will be checking on those as the recovery proceeds, and will update you on what plans the owners of those courses announce.