Janarius Robinson learning from peers in position battle

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Following a disappointing season and a change of coaches, one of the important themes for Florida State football in 2018 is leadership.

Leaders come in ages and sizes. 6 feet 5 inch, 259 pound redshirt sophomore defensive end Janarius Robinson is certainly one of them, even as he vies for increased playing time in his second season.

Robinson appeared in eight games lat year, compiling three tackles and his first sack in the regular season finale against Louisiana-Monroe.

Robinson is believed to competing with Brian Burns, Joshua Kaindoh, and Wally Aime in the defensive end rotation. Although the battle for playing time can be intense, he's learning from others at his position.

"Say if somebody else is in the game and I'm watching them and they make a mistake, I can feed off that and know what not to do while I'm watching," Robinson said during Sunday's Media Day. "So definitely not making mistakes, things like that. I see myself progressing a lot fundamentally-wise from the spring, through the summer, and throughout fall camp."

Although the FSU coaches remain non-committal on discussing playing time, head coach Willie Taggart said Sunday morning that Robinson is doing the right things.

"Highly competitive, and I think he's one of those guys, he hears everyone talks about [Brian] Burns and he wants to prove himself too," Taggart said. "He's a kid that loves being at Florida State and is very talented. I look forward to him helping our football team out tremendously. And I just found out he can play the piano. Pretty neat!"

Robinson is a man of many talents. Last Monday, the FSU Football twitter account, @FSUFootball, tweeted a video of Robinson playing the piano and singing with teammate Josh Brown.

He admits he enjoyed the downtime that day, but there's precious little time left for anything other than fall camp.

"My mindset going into practice is just to get better. Whether it's different techniques, or running plays or anything like that, just getting better each day. as long as I'm getting better each day, then I feel like I'm improving."

Robinson graduated from Bay High School in Panama City in 2016.