Kevin Husum's former high school coaches speak out

Published: Aug. 8, 2016 at 6:28 PM CDT
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Authorities at Lake Lanier, north of Atlanta, continue to look for the body of 23 year old Kevin Husum, who was enjoying time with family and friends up on the lake Saturday, when he was the victim of some kind of boating accident that killed him.

We still don't know the exact details of that accident, but it is clear our area has lost a young man who touched a lot of lives, both on and off the field of play.

Kevin was a very athletic high school student athlete, who was a star on both the baseball diamond and the football field for Bay High School.

He was a starting pitcher and one of the best hitters for a few years with the Tornadoes, playing for head coaches Christian McCarter and Freddy York.

Coach McCarter telling me today all this was just too fresh, and he was too emotial to speak with us on camera. Suffice it to say he's heartbroken.

That sentiment echoed by Kevin's head coach at Gulf Coast, Mike Kandler. He too said it would be too difficult to talk about Kevin on cameran but told me Kevin embodied the "student athlete", excelling on the field and in the classroom. He was a leader who brought positivity to the program every day. Adding their thoughts and prayers are with Kevin's family.

Kevin was the starting quarterback for a couple of seasons at Bay under then head coach Frank Sorrells. He and former Bay A.D. and assistant football coach Glen Manley did speak with us today, and here is some of what they told us about Kevin Husum.

"Kevin was a great kid, or young man, I should say," Frank Sorrells, former Bay High School football coach, said. "He was just a joy to coach. I had the priviledge of coaching him and his brother Daniel, who was a year older, and Kevin for two years, and he was just an easy going. Bright guy, smart, very athletic and it was just a pleasure to coach him.

"He was kind of a quiet leader," Glen Manley, former Bay High School athletic director and assistant football coach, said. "He just kind of led by example. He wasn't really like a "rah rah" player. He got excited and got after it, but he wasn't one of those you see jumping up and down cheering, and all that. He would lead by example, and people would follow him. He was very good at the things that he did. Kevin was a good athlete; a great athlete here. He would lead by example, and people would follow him. He was very good at the things that he did. Kevin had played tight end, and ran some halfback and fullback, so we needed a quarterback, and Kevin stepped in and did a good job. He was a great thrower because of baseball. He had all the tools. He could run, throw, hit. He was a pitcher, and he played shortstop and center field, so you know those positions are key positions. He moved on and played at Gulf Coast, and then went to James Madison, and played and made all conference in both places. He was just a tremendous athlete."

"I was at home yesterday when I got the news, and it was just heartbreaking," Sorrells said. "I couldn't move for a couple minutes. I told my wife, it was just a tragedy. His dad, George passed away in December, and I had trouble dealing with that, and I just can't imagine what the family's going through. It's just a tragic experience, and I just really, my heart goes out to the whole family."

"To have, at 23 something happen like that is just, it's hard to take," Manley said. "I'm still kind of in a little shock. I don't know how to describe it. The more you think about it, it's kind of depressing. It's just, kind of a weird accident how it happened."

Since the incident, police have arrested the boat operator, Kenneth Toller of Georgia .

He was charged with boating under the influence, and is in the Forsyth County Jail.