Local Bulldogs gathered to watch the historic game

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - No surprise to know tens of thousands of fans across our area tuned in to watch the National Championship game, and that includes plenty who are fervant Tide and Bulldog fans.

This area's Red Elephant Club holding it's official watch party at a restaurant in Santa Rosa Beach. The Emerald Coast Chapter of Georgia's Alumni Association choosing Fishale Taphouse in Panama City Beach.

Over 30 Georgia boosters gathered at Fishale to cheer their team on, hoping to see them claim their first title since 1980.

Fans walked in one by one around 6 p.m. decked out head to toe in red and black. This group has spent the entire seasonw atching their Bulldogs together and what an exciting season it's been.

Even though they weren't in Atlanta watching the game in person, they say there's nothing better than being able to watch the game here on the beach with fellow UGA alumni, friends and fans.

"This is home and this is where we are," Teresa Link, Emerald Coast Chapter Leader said. "This is where we get our momentum and our engery. Hopefully the team can feel that because we're cheering loud from Panama City all the way to Atlanta."

"Well to begin with, I was there when it happened in New Orleans a long time ago," Jill, a UGA graduate said. "And we are due tonight (Monday) and it's going to be just magical. Thank you Jesus!"

"Actually, I had a chance to go to the Rose Bowl and to the game tonight, but I chose to watch it here because I've been watching the games here with this group for about 10 years now," Bill Poteet, Emerald Coast Chapter President said. "And there's some people here that I wouldn't want to watch without them."