Local racers take part in, and finish 2019 Boston Marathon

Boston, MA (WJHG/WECP) Some local racers are now basking in the glow of racing in, and finishing the 2019 Boston Marathon. That event, some 26.2 miles through the streets of the small towns around that great city, with the race winding up in the heart of Beantown, on Boylston Street near Copley Station.

Some 30 thousand plus from all around the country and the world starting out in Hopkinton, Mass this morning. Nice and cool conditions, in the 60's. A rainy start but then things cleared up.

The male and female winners from Ethiopia, nothing unusual for African born racers to win this event.

The bulk of the racers though from the U.S. and our area in some small way a part of that.

That list of locals includes David Shearon of Panama City Beach, who ran a time of 3:21:37, or so says the Boston Athletic Association website. Fort Walton Beach's Ashley Selva in at 3:35:31. Another Fort Walton Beach racer Christopher Hicks coming in at 4:33:06. And Robert Hinojosa of Santa Rosa Beach finished with a time of 5:34:14.

A few hours after his finish, I spoke with David Shearon about the experience of racing the Boston Marathon.

"It was my first Boston Marathon." David told me. "Actually I qualified January 18th, 2018 at the First Light Marathon (in Mobile) on my birthday. It clicked on that I'm going to take this marathon serious. You know I wanted to do a little bit better, I did 3:20, my first half was 1:32. But I was focused, I concentrated on my stride and my mechanics."

David a tad disappointed when I told him the BAA had him officially at 3:21. Still a great time and he says a great experience. He adds that when things in Monday's race got a little tough for him, he drew upon his experiences in the wake of Hurricane Michael. And that helped inspire him to the finish line.

"You know I lost my job for six months for physical therapy and things like that." David says. "And then changing a new career. This marathon about mile 18 was getting more difficult and I said well this is life, and I better not just give up in this marathon. And of course mile 18 to 22 is the heartbreak hill. And it was semi-difficult and I was thinking this is life so I better not give up!"

Shearon says among the experiences as part of this trip to run in the marathon, a Red Sox game at Fenway Park Friday night. That he tells us, has caused him to become a Sox fan!