Local softball players get a taste for the new astroturf fields at PCB Sports Complex

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (WJHG Some local softball players are getting a feel for those turf fields at the new Panama City Beach Sports Complex.

Local players getting the chance to test the astroturf at the PCB Sports Complex

The softball diamonds at the complex are covered with astroturf and with what's called Z-cap cooling technology, to keep the playing surfaces cooler, especially on hot summer days.

Though the complex remains a bit of unfinished project at this point, the U-S-F-A World Series using the fields there to play two weeks of World Series Tournaments.

Among the local squads competing, the Panama City based "North Florida Legacy" here playing in the 18U age group. Today we asked them what they thought of their first taste of playing on astroturf?

"The hop isn't that different, it's nice." says infielder Angel Thompson. "When you play on normal grass you have all these imperfections in the dirt, made by other players. On the turf field, you don't have that."

"The turf field is different, as far as rain delays, we can rush right through it and get through the games." adds Legacy head coach Jamie Pettis. "It's a different playing experience, the fields are cleaner of course. It's true hops, everything's true out here. Sometimes you get skids, but everything's pretty true."

This Legacy team 3-3 so far in the tournament with its next game set for 8 Friday morning.

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