Marianna senior talks about missing out on senior night

MARIANNA, FL (WJHG/WECP) There are hundreds of student athletes in our area suffering in a big way in terms of athletics here during this pandemic shutdown.

Marianna's Caleb Torbett among those missing out on senior night

That in the wake of the FHSAA Monday making the decision to end all spring sports.

So no more softball, baseball, tennis, track and field, boys weightlifting, flag football and spring football practice.

Marianna senior Caleb Torbett among those affected in a big way. His last season wearing a Marianna uniform coming to an abbreviated end.
I spoke with Caleb Tuesday night, a night that was supposed to be a big night for Caleb and four teammates!

"Tonight was supposed to be our senior night for baseball. And unfortunately we're not playing. And it kind of hit home tonight because it was supposed to be a special night, and we don't get to experience that. It's not like we get to do that next year. There were five of us seniors, and we all have a passion for the game of baseball and we all enjoy it. So it's pretty upsetting."

And this week a lot of players in our area missing out on senior night. Such a shame.

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