Marlins celebrating big win while looking ahead to game with Rutherford

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (WJHG/WECP) You could say the Arnold Marlins moved things forward in a big way with a two point conversion late in their game Friday.
That conversion the difference in Arnold's 20-19 win over county and district rival Mosley.

Their game was one that was marred early on by turnovers, both teams giving the ball away, and both offenses then taking advantage of some extra opportunities.

Mosley would eventually build a 19-12 lead, with both teams missing two extra points. Arnold scored in the final minute and went for, and got the two point conversion to win it by one.

Two days later here's how Arnold head coach Josh Wright is looking at it all.

"Again a tight ball game, a hard fought ball game on both sides. It's just great to wake up and be able to be on the winning side of it. But it could have been anybody's game. Bottom line we knew about eight minutes out, if we happened to be fortunate enough have an opportunity to go for two and win it we were gonna do that. So it was predetermined. It was an easy decision at that point, we all agreed that was what we had planned to do."

Again with two missed P-A-T's and a blocked field goal, it made sense.

So now the Marlins, now 2-3, 1-1 in 5A-1 play, go back out of district, but stay within Bay County. They face Rutherford Friday night at Gavlak. The Rams a team with fewer than 20 players on the roster, but not one coach Wright will let his guys take for granted.

"It's very important to the guys. We know that they have some very quality high school football players dressing out for the Rams. And we're gonna be prepared. It's a lot easier to get prepared after having a little success on a Friday night. We're gonna be ready for their style of football, the wing-T and their hard nosed running game. And then defensively they do a really good job of getting to the ball and getting it to the ground. So I think it's gonna be another game of 'last plays' kind of thing."

That game Friday at Gavlak at 7:00, it's one of many we'll feature on Friday Night Overtime.