Marlins moving on from Mosley defeat

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Few things in sports sting as much as a loss to your fiercest rival.

Although Arnold is disappointed in Friday night's 28-7 loss to Mosley, head coach Josh Wright expects the loss to fuel the competitive fire for his team in the days and weeks ahead.

There is statistical evidence supporting Wright's assertion. In the last two seasons, Arnold has won four games immediately following losses.

Bringing a 3-2 record into week 7, there's no margin for error remaining for the Marlins to stay in the postseason hunt. All factors considered, unrelenting focus is expected in practice Monday afternoon.

"Our guys do a wonderful job of bouncing back after losses," Wright said. "We generally have success the week after and again, this one's a little tougher because it's the one you wanted the most. It's the one you have circled for a long time because of obvious reasons. But our guys generally come to work, reset their feet in the ground firmly and try to get better. They learn from whatever mistakes we made."

A 1-1 record in 5A-1 drops the Marlins into third, behind Mosley (6-0, 2-0) and Pensacola (3-3, 1-0). Arnold hosts Pensacola on October 12.

Before resuming region play, the Marlins host Rutherford for homecoming on Friday night at 7.