Mosley alum and UGA volleyball's T'ara Ceasar gets back from China

Mosley alum T'ara Ceasar is turning into not just a top flight collegiate volleyball player, but also a great U.S. Amabassador of sorts.

Ceasar is coming off a terrific freshman season at the University of Georgia.

She led her team in kills, points, and service aces and was named the SEC's Freshman of the Week six times.

Ceasar was good enough to get an invite to try out for a collegiate Team USA. She made that squad and traveled with it to China, of all places, competing and touring there for 11 days.

"Besides the 13 hour flight, we basically went over, we did a lot of touring," T'ara Ceasar, Mosley alum/UGA volleyball player said. "We played a lot of professional teams over in China. We were a bunch of individuals from different schools. We didn't know each other really, but I think we did a good job coming together as a team and doing what we came to do. Obviously, we just wanted to play volleyball but it became more than that when we met all the different people we came across. Especially the little girls."

T'ara's team going 4-1 on that trip. Talk about your real world experience!

"I think what really got me was, we did a clinic or a little camp for I think an elementary school, and there's just so many other girls. We don't know what I think we can take stuff for granted, but not on purpose but when you see what other people may or may not have, them not having what we do and the resources... it just... it makes you realize like, this is a blessing."

NewsChannel 7 Sports' Jamie Hale will go more in depth with T'ara about the transition to big time college ball Tuesday and Wednesday at 6 p.m.