Mosley and Bay set for huge football showdown

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (WJHG/WECP) It is a game that will go a long way in determining what team represents 5A district one as that league's runner up in the playoffs.

That game is Bay hosting Mosley, at Arnold's Gavlak Complex, our Personal Attention Dental Center Game of the Week.

The Bay side first, the Tornadoes are coming off the big non-district win over Fort Walton Beach last week, overcoming three first half turnovers.

They are 5-2 overall, 2-1 in district with the loss to West Florida, which has already clinched the title. The district wins coming against Pensacola and Arnold.

If Bay beats Mosley, at 3-1 they will be playoff bound as league runner up.

If Mosley wins, then it's a three way tiebreaker with the Tornadoes, 'fins and Marlins.

"I'm sure the kids are pumped up." Bay head coach Mike Watkins told us Monday. "They know what's at stake, I think Mosley knows what's at stake. If they beat us, we're going to make our lives a little more challenging, and we'll have to go back out there on Monday for the tie-breaker. If we win, then we're in the playoffs, so this is what it's all boiled down to. So there's a little bit of extra incentive, a little bit more at stake, which I think is how it should be. That Bay/Mosley deal is always, I'm new to it, but it's definitely a big thing around these parts, and important to the kids, so I'm excited to have my first full taste of it for sure."

The Dolphins coming off a one point win over Pensacola, their third straight win, but just their in district. Still at 1-2, if they beat Bay, they will wind up tied with Bay and Arnold and in that three way tiebreaker.

"Our mantra all last week was, we've got to win this one." says Mosley head coach Jeremy Brown. "The kids competed really hard Friday night against Pensacola High. Probably let them off the hook. The game was really closer than what it needed to be. We've got to continue to get better, and secure the football, and not give up big plays. We did a lot of those same things, and then that four game losing streak, and we found a way to lose, and Friday night we found a way to win. I think our kids have just stay committed, and just worked hard. They continue to do the little things right, and Friday night it paid off."

As for getting his kids ready, coach Brown says the coaches will work on that in terms of X's and O's, but having to motivate the kids, that won't take any work at all.

"I don't think we'll have to do a lot to get the kids motivated this week. It's Bay High, like you said, it's the county game, it's a district game. There's a lot at stake. Our kids know that. A lot of the, there's a couple of kids at Bay High that have played at Mosley since I've been here, and they're at Bay now, so you know, they've got some friends at each place. So you know, I think all the kids in the county get really excited when they're playing a county rivalry. So, it'll be a lot of fun to watch the kids play, and go out and compete on both sides."

For Watkins, who is in this game for the first time, it seems like the start of a friendly rivalry with coach Brown.

"Coach Brown does a great job. and is a good guy I've had some fun talking with him. I really like him, and he does a really good job coaching. He's got good, tough kids, and I've got good tough kids, so it'll be a fun game."

That game at Gavlak set for 7 and is one of many we'll feature on Friday Night Overtime.