Mosley athletic department gets needed "care package"

LYNN HAVEN, FL (WJHG/WECP) It was a trip Thursday that ended with a rather generous donation and gesture from one high school to another.

The folks at Venice High School helping to collect athletic equipment from theirs and other schools, with that shipment making its way to Mosley late Thursday afternoon.

The idea, schools who's coaches have ties to Mosley football coach Jeremy Brown would collect gear and then ship that gear north. With that shipment arriving by truck Thursday.

"Some buddies of mine that coach down in central Florida," coach Brown told us "Venice High School and Sarasota Riverview, they reached out, and they started collecting stuff down there from some of the schools. Some used stuff, some new stuff. They got us some dummies, new cleats, some speed ladders, cones, I think there's a one man sled on there. They've got all kinds of stuff in there. They've even got some stuff for our tennis team and our girls softball team."

Mark Christiani is an assistant at Riverview who helped collect some of this stuff, he played for coach Brown at Venice. He rallied other coaches to help. And Mosley A.D. Josh Vandergrift rallied even more support when he attended an Athletics Director's meeting downstate a short time ago.