Mosley coach sensitive to what many seniors have lost, also talks about losing spring football

LYNN HAVEN, FL (WJHG/WECP) Mosley football coach Jeremy Brown should be roaming his football practice field in the afternoon these days, watching over spring practice.

Mosley head coach Jeremy Brown suspended one game. (WJHG/WECP)

Unfortunately spring football one of the casualties of the canceling of spring sports by the FHSAA late last month.

I spoke with coach Brown about that and before getting to football, he expressed concern for the athletes in the other sports, that saw regular season games, and the prospect of state competition taken away from them.

"Yeah you know it was a tough pill to swallow from a spring sports standpoint, like we talked about earlier, during spring break." coach Brown told me. "Just so many kids looking forward to their senior season. That seems to be the season the kids really seem to get excited for. For me it home, probably a little closer because my son's a senior. He was running track and having some success and he was pretty bummed out that he didn't get to finish the season. Especially with the county championship and the district stuff. He thought he had a chance to go in there and compete. So it's just really disappointing. You know you get to talk to some of our dual sport guys, talking to Joey Gant and some of those guys not being abet to finish baseball season was really frustrating to him. You know we had two seniors on our weightlifting team, James Padot and Andrew Aker, and you know we felt both of those guys had a legitimate shot at placing in the top six, the top eight at the State Meet."

So coach Brown obviously sensitive to the many athletes losing real games and opportunities in terms of state competition in other sports. He also realizes though, losing spring practice is a blow for football players and programs across the area.

"You can't play football games year round, you know what I mean?" Brown says "Basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball, soccer, there's clubs. You can play a real, legitimate, you know you can go play 40 to 50 basketball games in a summer. You can play 60 to 70 baseball games in a summer, you know what I mean? Football you can't do that. We need those 20 days of spring just to stay acclimated with the helmets and the pads. It's just not human nature for a human being to go run into another human being full speed, you know what I mean. Those 20 days are huge from that standpoint, the teaching, the technique, that stuff that you spend a lot of time during the spring teaching so kids don't get hurt. You miss that."

And that last aspect is something coach takes seriously, wanting to get in as much teaching as possible during spring, so the kids learn how to play the game safely.

"People say well you have 7 on 7, but yeah there's a reason why they call it 7 on 7. You can't have any offensive or defensive lineman out there. And without those lineman, it's not real football. So not having spring from a teaching standpoint, from a safety standpoint, it hurts. It's definitely going to affect things. Now the one thing about it, we're all in the same boat. No one is having spring. It's not like one school has an advantage, we're all in the same boat as far as that goes. You know we all just have to figure out ways to kind of adapt."

Coach Brown says it will be interesting to see what the state might allow in the summer, when coaches are allowed to get back on the field with their players, whatever it is he says, they'll be ready.

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