Mosley football coach still working, still communicating with players

Mosley football coach Jeremy Brown still working on the field, and working with his players as...
Mosley football coach Jeremy Brown still working on the field, and working with his players as best he can.(WJHG)
Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 8:22 PM CDT
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There may be no players on any practice fields at area high schools, but for plenty of coaches, the work continues in a variety of ways.

Tuesday I found Mosley head coach Jeremy Brown on the tractor cutting the grass on the practice field.

Coach Brown another example of how area coaches, in all sports, continue to work, even though school is out, and no sports are being played or practiced.

Jeremy and some of his assistants also spending time this week giving their locker rooms and all equipment deep cleanings with bleach and other cleaners. All to make sure the environment is as safe as possible as soon as athletes return!

For now, along with scrubbing and mowing, the coach says it's about communicating with players. For Brown that comes via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and so on!

"We're trying to communicate with the kids and really just...and the remind app for the parents more than the kids, just trying to keep them encouraged, you know what I mean." coach Brown told me during a break in mowing the grass. "They're frustrated. They don't know what's going on for the rest of this school year, spring football. So we're right now, we're kind of in that phase of just loving on them a little bit. Let them know things are gonna be ok. There's a plan, God has a plan, we've just got to be patient. Just really trying to keep them encouraged and not let them get depressed. And just trying to encourage them right now."

Coach Brown adds he feels a responsibility for him and his coaches to work to help make sure the student-athletes are prepared for the online schooling that's coming, and then to tend to their needs in terms of their respective sports.

"We're gonna be the ones that make sure our guys have the stuff that they need to get their grades. You know what I mean, and then obviously the athletic part of it. That's important to the kids. To the general public, they're thinking 'oh it's just football, or baseball or softball' or whatever the sport may be. But they don't understand that a lot of these kids, they've got 15, 16 years into their sports life. Where they are right now. And we want to make sure we give them the best opportunity. So starting next week we'll start rolling out some creative workout things they can do on their own."

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