Mosley players get in some light work on Frank Field

LYNN HAVEN, FL (WJHG/WECP) Welcome back, we start here at five out on a bright and sunny high school baseball diamond. One, sadly, that isn't being used as much as it should be these days. Still though, it is getting some activity, as area hih school players continue making adjustments to the way their world is these days!

Mosley players continue to dot Frank Field for practice

Over at Mosley for instance, on any given day, on the grass at Frank Field, you may find some kids out there tossing the ball around, working in the batting cage.

The deal is for the kids to rotate going out there, keep it to groups of two or three, maintain good social distance practices.

On this day I found two juniors and a sophomore, two of them brothers, with a light midday workout. Doing their best to stay in good baseball shape, should their season resume in May. Or even pick things back up for summer ball!

"Yeah (Mosley) coach (Jon) Hudson has given us a lot of guidance." Sophomore Hudson Rowan told me. "How to get better tips. Other coaches have also given us pretty good tips. Where to go, what to eat, when to lift, just all around good help. I mean it's a little bit difficult but at the same time it's another time to get better and improve on your game."

"Oh it's definitely a blessing to be able to come out here" junior David Hudson told me "this good weather too. And just throw around have fun."

As for junior Coleman Rowan, he tells me what's happening around us all still seems like a rather bad dream to him!

"It just doesn't feel real necessarily. It's still the fact that you wake up every morning, you expect to have something to do. I have a gym in my house, I kind of go there. After that I used to do my morning routine, I would go and then get ready for the day, but I really have no day to go to. So it's kind's sad in a sense and it kind of breaks my heart. I feel bad for the seniors more than anybody. But it's a new way of life, and you have to adjust."

The Dolphins 8-2 before the season was halted. Let's hope that won't wind up being their final record in 2020.

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