Mosley ready to renew county series with Rutherford

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - In all sports, in all regions of the state and the country, there's a few lines of "coach speak" everyone shares.

Chief among them is, "we're just focused on this week."

They all say it, because they need too. Looking ahead is an easy trap to fall into, but so is looking back.

As Mosley readies to renew the county rivalry with Rutherford, that's one message coach Jeremy Brown is reiterating to his players.

"I don't know if they understand it yet," Brown said. "We've been talking about it ever since we started fall camp. We told them again this week, it's another tough game. Rutherford is a quality football team."

So are the Dolphins, outscoring opponents Walton and Gadsden 82-7 in the first two games of the season en route to becoming the only 2-0 team in Bay County.

Understandably, the players are confident. The main concern for Brown is that the players don't let those results get to their heads.

"I think every time you win, you're going to garner some kind of confidence," Brown said. "We have to do a great job as coaches of making sure our guys understand that we beat two teams that we're probably a little better than this year. We've got to continue to work to get better because there's a difference between being confident and being conceited. We want to play with confidence but we don't want to border on the line of conceited because that's how you [slip] up and you get beat."

The schedule starts getting tougher right now. Rutherford is an athletic team touting increased numbers. They're coming a bye week and a 54-17 win over North Bay Haven.

It's not a game that can be taken for granted.

"As our schedule gets tougher, if we take a step back, we're going to have a hard time winning against the teams left on our schedule. We've just got to keep coaching it and I think grinding it out of the kids in practice, making practice as tough as we possibly can on them mentally and physically."

Kickoff is set for 7 CT at Tommy Oliver Stadium on Friday night.