Mosley volleyball squad working hard to give back to another school

PANAMA CITY, FL (WJHG/WECP) Talk about giving back while setting a good example! The Mosley volleyball team was out early Tuesday morning, helping to make Lucille Moore Elementary in Panama City look a little nicer.

The team gathering at 8:30, and then going about working on the outside and inside parts of the school in terms of improving the look of things.

The girls spending five hours in the morning and midday heat landscaping and painting among other tasks to spruce up the school.

Expecting nothing in return, other than the good feeling of doing something meaningful and selfless!

"I had the pleasure of coming over here about a month ago and meeting with the principal," says head coach Michelle Mask "and you know we saw a campus that was in need of a lot of help. Unfortunately, there was situations that just didn't really look enticing to maybe an elementary school child or parent coming to school. We wanted to kind of make the school look a little bit more pleasing to the eye. More appealing to the kids. You know, I think if kids feel good about where they go to school, they'll perform better."

There is another thing the players "earned" in return, says Mask. And that is a better sense of "team".

"You know this is a lot about team building and also taking pride in our school. The goal is team building but it is also taking pride in your community, giving back. I really expect my girls to be well-rounded players, whether it's their GPA, their performance on the court, or their involvement in the community. You know I know a lot of coaches actually have their kids do a lot of things in the community. I would hope that maybe this will inspire more coaches to have their student athletes give more into the schools, to do more. Whether it's helping at a local elementary school, or helping your own school, whether it's just helping a church."

All this in the midst of a terrific summer run, says the coach. Mosley has done very well at some big time out of town summer tournaments, and even won a couple of them.