North Bay Haven bulks up over summer

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - North bay haven football has a new look for 2018.

After making the playoffs a year ago and only graduating four players, now they can be viewed as a school with playoff potential. They also have a new coach, and with a new coach, comes new...just about everything else.

During spring camp in April and May, players had their first glimpse at Andy Siegal's coaching style and playing style.

They'll dive deeper into the playbook when fall practice begins July 30th. For now, they're acclimating to Siegal's strength and conditioning plan five days a week, starting early in the morning.

By Siegal's own admission, the Buccaneers aren't the most talented team in the region, but he believes they can make up for it in the weight room.

"I think it's huge because you build a team over summer. Everyone sees each other sweating, bleeding, getting tired, sore, and when you see those other guys work it builds trust up," Siegal said.

"The other thing is the strength. I don't know how many teams we're going to out-athlete, but I think we can outwork them by working hard in the weight room. The support we're getting from everybody--this school is into it, and that's awesome. That's a big thing."

Siegal comes to Panama City from Wisconsin. He last coached in Florida with Venice and Key West in the 1990s.

Opening kickoff against Rutherford is just 42 days away.