North Bay Haven raises money for football on the mats

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Coaching vacancies for high school football are mostly taken care of, but there are still other stressful tasks to take care of for programs in our area before the season kicks off in four months.

North Bay Haven is in the process of replacing what Hurricane Michael took away.

Instead of running football practice, head coach Andy Siegal spent Sunday running a wrestling meet.

Panama City Storm Slam featured approximately 300 kids from a wide range of ages, kindergarten through high school, from wide range of states in attendance reaching as far as Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

The goal was twofold. It's about the wrestlers, of course--all mat time is valuable. Since money raised benefits the Buccaneers football program, every dollar is valuable.

"You never know when insurance is going to pay for that," Siegal said of the storm damage. "We're not funded by the school district, so we have to raise everything to fund ourselves. We've got to replace all the equipment that's ruined, fix the goalposts, fix the field, and do all that stuff, so we've got a lot of money we've got to raise. The proceeds go to North Bay Haven football and we're giving a portion to hurricane relief."

Spring practice begins statewide on April 22.