Busy weekend of summer ball at Bozeman

SAND HILLS, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - High school baseball players around the region are getting back into the swing of things after just a couple of weeks off.

Nearly everybody at that level is playing baseball of some kind, either travel ball or organized games with their school.

Including the host, 10 teams are playing at Bozeman Friday through Sunday in the Bucks Summer J.V. Classic.

Wakulla, Mosley, North Bay Haven, Bay, and two riptide travel squads.

Liberty and Rutherford played in the game you see here.

The rosters this month are mostly made up of junior varsity players and middle schoolers. The common refrain from coaches in our area is that the path to becoming a varsity player begins with with good effort and execution right now.

"June 1st kind of starts what we're going to be moving into in spring," Jeff Patton, Bozeman baseball coach said. "We're going to give guys a lot of opportunities to play. We schedule a lot of games. We want to see kids in different positions moving into fall and then into the spring. So yeah, June 1, it kind of starts."

"The month of June is kind of where us as coaches can figure out what the kids can do," Cody Chizmar, Rutherford baseball coach said. "We do a little bit of coaching with practice and things like that, but I'll know going into fall what they can do, what they can handle, what I need to teach them and what I need to fix. Usually I'm over there with a notebook writing down things on individual kids that I won't do in spring."

Six games Saturday and three on Sunday at Bozeman.