Rutherford football team works through week one, phase one.

Rutherford football coach Loren Tillman back with his players this week
Rutherford football coach Loren Tillman back with his players this week(WJHG)
Published: Jun. 3, 2020 at 5:19 PM CDT
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Summer workouts at Rutherford. More spread out.Higher enthusiasm. And lower weight.

Such is life in 2020. The Rams are split into groups of 10 and rotating, working on agility, endurance, and lifting.

The weight room is the procedural change—extra wipe downs—and a totally different approach to training their bodies without spotters due to social distancing and a long time without a

"We have to focus on light weight, high reps. Lower body is not as big a transition. They've been off two and a half months so we can start pull and cleans and they don't really need a spotter in that situation. But with upper body, just keep the weight light until we get to a phase where we can spot from the edge."

Coach Tillman isn't not blowing up the phones of his players this summer begging them to show up—they're blowing up his thankful for something to do.

As for what kind of shape the kids seem to be in coming back this week?

"I'll say this, the young guys are a lot better shape than the older guys." says coach Tillman. "You know they're young, they're gonna be active anyway. I would not say they're in football shape because they haven't been running, they haven't been lifting. But they're young, they haven't had a lot of time to get out of shape. And they're not out of shape a lot to start with. So it won't take them long to get back."

After nearly four years, today is my last day at NewsChannel 7. It's one thing to live's another to call it home.

Thanks to all our viewers, coaches and players we're covered, and my coworkers, this has been a special place to call home and I'm so thankful to have spent my time here in the Panhandle. So thank you, all of you, for that opportunity.

One last time, Joel Sebastianelli, NewsChannel 7 Sports. Scott.

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