Seiffert happy to have a target date in terms of getting back on Tour

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (WJHG/WCEP) Call it some very good, and some very welcome news for Mosley alum and PGA Tour member Chase Seifert.

Chase Seiffert grabs the solo lead after a birdie on the sixth hole (PGA TOUR).

The PGA Tour Thursday announcing a revised schedule, one that is set to resume the second week of June with the Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth Texas. Friday I spoke with Chase about getting that good news!

"Yeah I had heard some from my agent that they were working towards that and then got the email early Thursday morning that they were gonna release the schedule, I think, at something like noon." Chase told me. "But no, just so excited to have a target date and something I can work towards now instead of just aimlessly practicing and not have a target to really start preparing for "

For now there should be nine tournaments, outside the major events, that could allow Chase to improve his points standings. Top 125 get into the Tour playoffs, and Seifert right now sits at 148 in those standings.

"Of those nine I should get into most of them, because you know they did make the fields bigger. To accommodate, you know everyone's going to want to play. All the membership is going to want to play every chance they can get. Three of the events are invitationals that are typically 120 person field that they've moved to then 144 person fields. So I shouldn't have any problem playing most of the events that aren't majors and aren't WGC events"

As for the extended layoffs between tournaments, going on six weeks now, Chase believes he's made the most of it.

"Because I've got some seriously positive work done here at home. I've gotten in a lot better shape that's going to translate when I come back. I've got some really good work on my golf game to where I think it's gonna come back and be just more precise and a little better than it was before. You know I've had time to work on things that I couldn't if I was traveling every week. So I'm gonna come back with a little better physical shape and a little better golf swing too."

Before things were shut down Chase had played in 13 events, making the cut in all but three of them, earning 235 grand.

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