Several Lady Marlins are competing for state titles at home

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - The Arnold girls weightlifting program's had a historic season.

"This year our girls team won the district, and the regional championship which was the first time in history for either one," Josh Flaig, Arnold girls weightlifting coach said.

And for the first time in school history, seven Marlins are competing this week for a state title in their own gym.

"I screamed," Hailey Skipper, Arnold senior said. "I screamed. I was so stoked that it was going to be here. I mean, it's a convenient thing for all of our families. I'm so comfortable in my own home. This is really my home, so it's really going to play a great role in everything."

"I think it's honestly amazing, especially going to state my first year and for it to be at home," Emily Bennett, Arnold sophomore said. "It really makes Arnold close to my heart."

"Seeing how far we've came since we've first started has just been a really nice experience for everybody," Amerie Daniels, Arnold freshman said. "And I've just really enjoyed it."

And it's not just lifting at home, it's winning in their gym.

"Every home meet that we've had I felt like I did better personally," Katie Moeschl, Arnold sophomore said. "So I definitely think I'll have an advantage due to the other teams just being at home."

"I feel a lot better being at home," Morgan Wiebers, Arnold senior said. "And now it's easier to work with our bars just because we're so used to them all year. So it's nice having it here."

No matter where you're competing though, lifting in front of a couple thousand plus can rack up some nerves.

"I'm pretty nervous because it's against the whole state," Madison Prumatico, Arnold freshman said.

"I'm really nervous because there's going to be a lot of people, but then I'm excited because I made it to state," Sana Habib, Arnold freshman said.

"I can't wait to see the whole gym be filled with everyone, and all the girls and the best be in here," Victoria Smith, Arnold senior said.

The action at the "MAC" starts Friday at 10:30.

Mosley has five lifters in that 1A meet. Port St. Joe has three, Altha two, Bozeman, Vernon and Holmes with one each.

Niceville has seven lifters competing in Saturday's 2A meet.