Sneads coach talks about being realistic with players, yet keeps out hope of playing again

SNEADS, FL (WJHG/WECP) Like all high school baseball and softball teams, it's simply a situation of stasis for coach Andy Shelton and his Sneads baseball squad. No games, no practices, at least not as a group.

Sneads baseball team still holding out hope

Yet coach Shelton is doing what he can to work with his guys as best he can, while holding out hope they will play again this season. And the coach admits, keeping everybody's spirits high, and attitudes up, well that's not an easy thing these days!

"The situation that everyone's been put in is a situation that no one has ever had to deal with before." Coach Shelton told me. "In the coaching arena and the playing arena. And I mean in the every day in life arena. So being able to tell the kids something to reassure them is tough. You just try to be as real as you can and hopefully as understanding as you can, to keep things in perspective."

The Pirates 6-3 when things were halted, and feeling good about their situation moving forward. Coach Shelton believes they are a team with good postseason potential. So not playing stings a lot. And for now, he and his Pirates are putting stock in the FHSAA's recent statement saying games could be played until the end of June!

"The past few weeks everybody's kind of been 'well how long do we do this and are we gonna put it down. Whatever rolls downhill we're just gonna roll with it. But that was kind of shot in the arm because I mean anybody that's got a chance...I mean you want to play to win your last game so to speak. And that was a welcome sight."

The coach says he continues to counsel his players by keeping things straightforward and realistic. He wants them focused on their schoolwork, and within reason, staying in as good a baseball shape as they can.

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