Sneads set to hit the road for Bonifay Friday

SNEADS, FL (WJHG/WECP) There remain more than a handful of area teams still looking to stay unbeaten in week three of the season. The Sneads Pirates among them.

This week Sneads travels to Holmes, the two have combined to win three of their first four games this season,

Let's focus on coach Thomas and his Pirates for now. They are 2-0 with a 41-14 road win at Cottondale to start the season, and then a 44-9 home win over Liberty last Friday.

Those two wins by a combined 85-23 for the Pirates, so it appears as if the team is working well in all phases, a thought I proposed to coach Thomas over the phone Tuesday.

"Yeah, we've done what we're supposed to do and we've gotten a little bit better each week." Thomas told me. "Still a lot of little things that we can do better, from on the field to off the field. The last few weeks the offensive line has really, really played a lot faster. They've played a lot more phyiscal, I've been very proud of that. We've got a couple of young guys on there and they've really grown up in a hurry. And I like the way my skill guys have taken care of the football. We haven't put the ball on the ground, we haven't turned it over."

Coach Thomas went on to say on a scale of 1 to 10, he feels his team is playing to a level of about 5. Consistency, he added, the thing he's most anxious to see here in week 3.

"Sometimes we have players make plays and they do everything we teach them to do correctly. And they do it wide open. And then the next play they have the opportunity again, they jump back to playing 'yard-ball'. They go do their own thing, they don't put their hands on the guy, they don't play their responsibility. They blow a coverage or two. We play a little over-aggressive sometimes, when we need to hit the brakes."

As for the match up Friday at 1-1 Holmes, Thomas says he feels like his team better bring its A game or it will be a long night for the Pirates.

"Holmes County is a disciplined, hard playing football team. I think they're very well coached. I've been watching their players. They believe in what coach Lee is telling them. They're playing to the best of their ability. They play hard. They do all the little things right. I think they're gonna give us a fit. I think they're gonna come after us with both barrels."

That game at Holmes Friday set for 7, it's one of several we'll feature on Friday Night Overtime.

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